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  • 高三英语小作文范文


    now we’re facing with a choice. whether to rent the school dormitory or not depends on different persons.

    obviously, the school dormitory is cheaper. and i think as a university student i can afford it. but as each coin has two sides, the equipment isn’t very ideal. if i live in the school dormitory, i cannot occupy the whole toilet. that must be a terrible problem for a gift. what’s more? i have to go to bed on time and get up on time net morning.

    on the other hand, renting a flat near school may solve all these problems ecept for the epense. it’ll cost me 800 rmb a month, and the price is considerably high for a no salary university student. but it’s really attractive to live with few people and have my own space.

    as mentioned above, i’ve made up my decision to live near school and rent a flat. though the price is high, maybe i can find another girl also finding somewhere to live. and we can rent it together. thus reducing our epenses.

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