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    篇一:五年级英语作文My favourite season

    My favourite season is autumn.In autumn,it is cool and windy.The sky is blue.The leaves are colourful.I can go to the farm and pick many fresh apples.I like autumn best,beacause I like Mid-Autumn Day vevy much.We can eat mooncakes.


    My favourite season is summer.It is hot and windy.In summer,I can swim in the lake.I can eat ice-cream and watermelons.I can also go to the nature park.There are many beautiful flowers and clean rivers in the park. I like summer best, beacause I like Children's Day vevy much.What about you


    描述自己喜欢的季节,首先要点明最喜欢哪一个季节;然后介绍该季节的气候特征;接下来说明在这个季节可以从事那些有趣的活动;还可以描述这个季节的某些节日。常用的句型:My favourite season is +季节,it 's+表示天气的形容词,I can+动词原形+其他。和I like +季节+best,beacause……




    1. Which season do you like and why do you like it

    2. What’s the weather like in ...

    3. What do you like to do in ...


    1. 语句通顺,语法正确,书写规范。

    2. 词数: 80词左右。

    There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. But spring is my favourite season. It usually comes in March in my city. In spring, the days get longer and longer and the weather becomes warmer and warmer. The trees become green and the flowers blossom. On windy days, I like to fly kites with my friends. I also like going for a walk in the morning because I like the fresh air outside. Do you like spring

    2.我们身边有很多种植物,你对它们了解多少呢?请以“Plants around us”为题,根据下面的中文提示和要求写一篇短文。


    1. 如果你仔细观察,你会发现我们身边有各种各样的植物,它们大部分是绿色的;

    2. 世界上的植物分为两种:开花植物(flowering plants)和不开花植物(non-flowering plants),它们各有不同;

    3. 植物利用空气、水和阳光制造食物,而且它们能净化空气,人类的生存离不开植物。 要求:

    1. 语句通顺,语法正确,书写规范;

    2. 70词左右。

    Plants around us If you observe carefully, you will find there are many different kinds of plants around us. And most of them are green. There are two types of plants in the world, flowering plants and non-flowering plants. They are different from each other.

    Plants can make food from air, water and sunlight. They are very important. Plants can clean the air. And nobody can live without plants on the earth. So let’s plant more plants together!



    1. 现在,越来越多的动物正濒临灭绝;

    2. 人们砍伐树木导致动物的居住地减少,一些人为了金钱、毛皮(fur)和动物肉而猎杀动物,他们用动物毛皮做成各种衣服,用动物制成药物,一些人甚至去吃野生动物;

    3. 动物是我们的朋友,保护动物就像是保护我们自己,所以尽全力保护它们吧。

    More and more animals are in danger today.People cut down a lot of trees to build house so that animals have fewer places to live in. Some people kill animals for money, fur and meat. They make all kinds of clothes from the fur and use the animals to make medicine. A few people even eat wild animals.

    Animals are our friends. Protecting animals is just like protecting ourselves. So try our best to protect them together.



    1. 上周科学课上做了一些实验,让我了解到……;

    2. 科学非常有趣;

    3. 将来也许会做一名科学家。


    1. 语句通顺,语法正确关于风的作文,书写工整;

    2. 70-80词(邮件开头结尾已给出,不计入总词数)。

    Dear Mike, How are you doingI made some experiments in the science class and learned some interesting theories last week. I learned that air was stronger than I thought. I also knew that when the candle burns, it needs the oxygen in the air. Sometimes, what we think is not right, but science can tell us what is correct.

    In a word, science is interesting and the power of science is great! Maybe I’m going to be a great scientist in the future. What about youYours, Peter

    5.人类的生存离不开植物,我们的周围有各种各样的花草树木,但是你知道怎样种树吗?请根据下面的提示以How to plant a tree为题写一篇短文。


    1. 春天是适合种树的季节;

    2. 首先挖坑,确保 (make sure that ...)挖的坑足够大、足够深,然后放入树苗,填土并用脚踩一踩 (stamp on)泥土,最后浇水。


    1. 语句通顺,语法正确,书写工整。

    2. 70-80词。

    How to plant a tree Trees are important to us. But do you know how to plant a treeNow, let me tell you about it. Spring is a good time to plant a tree. First, you should dig a hole. Make sure that the hole is big and deep enough. Then put the young tree into it. Cover the hole with some soil and stamp on the soil. Finally, water it carefully. This is how to plant a tree. Do you want to have a try

    6.同学们关于风的作文,你们喜欢小动物吗?动物是人类的朋友,很多人都喜欢饲养小动物,它们不仅可以给我们带来快乐关于风的作文,还可以为我们做一些力所能及的事情。请根据提示以My Favourite Animal为题写一篇短文,和大家分享一下你和宠物之间有趣的故事吧!


    1. What animals do you like

    2. What pets do you raise

    3. What’s the story about your pet


    1. 语句通顺,语法正确,书写工整;

    2. 80词左右(开头已给出,不计入总词数)。

    My Favourite Animal something about my pet dog.My pet dog is called Beibei. He is white and he looks like a snowball. His eyes are big and black. He likes to play with me when I’m free. Every morning, Beibei brings my shoes to me when I get up. After supper, he likes to take a walk with me in the park. Beibei also helps my family look after our house when we are out. Beibei is clever, isn’t he


    1. 假期去过的地方

    Last winter vacation, I went to Beijing with my parents. Beijing is in the north of China. We went there by train. In Beijing I visited the Tian’anmen Square. I climbed the Great Wall. I had a good time there. I love Beijing.

    2. 假期计划

    I am going to go to Beijing this summer holiday. Beijing is in the north of China. It’s very famous. I am going to go there by train. In Beijing I am going to climb the Great Wall. I am going to visit the Tian’anmen Square.

    3. 描述图片中人物正在做的事情

    Look at this picture. There are five people in it. Amy is reading a book. Sam is listening to music. Daming is flying a kite. Tom is playing with toys. Simon is riding a bike. They are very happy.

    4. 喜欢的动物 My favourite animal

    I like dogs very much. I have a pet dog. It’s very cute. Its name is Dudu. It’s black and white. It has got two big eyes and a small nose. It likes eating meat. It can run fast. It’s very clever. I often play with it.

    5. 喜欢的季节

    My favourite season is spring. In spring, it’s warm. There are lots of beautiful flowers. I can enjoy them. I can have a picnic in the park. I can fly a kite. I can do lots of interesting things. So I like spring.

    6. 我的爱好

    Collecting stamps is my hobby. I like stamps very much. I have got lots of stamps. Some stamps are about animals. Some stamps are about famous men and women. I have got Chinese stamps. But I haven’t got English stamps. Collecting stamps is interesting.

    7. 喜欢的节日

    My favourite festival is Spring Festival. At Spring Festival, I can play with my friends. I can eat lots of delicious food. I can get some money. We have a special meal. It’s a big family dinner. I love Spring Festival.

    8. 梦想

    I have a dream. I want to be an English teacher. Because I like English. I think English is interesting and useful. I can speak English well. Now I study very hard. I hope my dream will come true.

    9. 我的学校

    My school is very big and beautiful. In our school there are some tall buildings. The walls are white. The windows are bright. In our school there are lots of pupils and teachers. The pupils study hard. The teachers work hard. I love my school.

    10. 喜欢的运动

    Playing basketball is my favourite sport. Because it’s very interesting. I have got a basketball. I play basketball every day. My friends like basketball, too. I often play with my friends. I hope to be a basketball star.

    11. 我的朋友 My friend

    I have a good friend. Her name is Amy. She is twelve years old. She has got two big eyes. She is tall. She is friendly. She likes reading books. She can speak English well. She wants to be a teacher. We all like her.

    12. 自我介绍

    My name is Amy. I am twelve years old. I have got two big eyes. I am tall. I am friendly. I like reading books. I can speak English well. I can play basketball. But I can’t swim. I want to be a teacher.




    Happy Things in My Childhood



    I had a happy time in my childhood. I did many interest things then. Here are some of them.

    I spent my childhood time in my hometown, a small village located in southern China. There is a small and clean river going around my village. So my little friends and I often go to play there. Think what we did at the riverWe swimmed in the river. We caught kinds of fishes. We played football from dawn to the dark. Among these things, I like fishing best. Yes, we called it fishing, although we didn’t have any tools and skills. What we only had was our hands.


    My Favorite Season



    There four seasons in a year, among which I like summer best. WhyI have three reasons here. Firstly, that is because I can wear less clothes in the summer season. I hate the feeling having too much clothes on my body.

    Secondly, I can swim in summer. I like swimming. When I am swimming in a pool, I feel like a fish, which in my eye is the freest animal on this planet. I have been wanted to become a fish from my childhood time.

    Finally, natural scenes are at their most beautiful time in summer.


    My Favorite Form of Entertainment




    In modem society, people pay more and more attention to entertainment than before.

    There are many forms of entertainment, but my favorite form of entertainment is watching TV in my spare time .After a day of hard work, I look forward to a good relaxation and watching TV is a good means of relaxation. The pleasant music on TV can keep me away from tension and fatigue, The exciting movies and TV play series can make me enjoy different kinds of life as if I an the actor in it ,and the Education TV service offers teaching programs on all subjects to me. In a word, watching TV really entertains me a lot.




    Why I Study English I learn English for in modern society, English becomes more and more important. There are two points on this. One is that we should work hard to learning English well in order to follow the present international development. The other is that we study English only for college, so we needn't learn it and after the graduation we won't be able to use it. I agree with the first one because English is a language spoken by billons of people and now is playing an important role within international business and trade. AndEnglish is the spoken language in the UN. So it is of importance to learn it well. We should know well about the world. learning it well will help you show yourself to the world。




    The Chinese New Year The Chinese New Year is an important festival for Chinese people all over the word. It is also called The Spring Festival or The Lunar New Year.

    The exact date of the festival on the western calendar changes from year to year. However The Chinese New Year take place from January 1st to February 19th.

    On the Chinese calendar every year has an animal's name. These animals are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. A Chinese legend says these twelve animals had a race, the first year was named after the rat, the winner. The other eleven years were named according to the order the animals arrived in the race. The clever rat jumped on the ox's back, and then ate the end jumped over the ox's head to arrive first.

    The Chinese believe that the people born on the particular year has some of the animal’s characteristics of that animal/




    Online Education

    Nowadays, there is tendency that more and more people decide to take courses on line. Life education have formed its new shape: online education.

    From my point of view, the reasons for this are that: modern people have an increasing pace of life and have no other choice to take better education, and the internet solve the problem by its unique superior. It have many schedule to take and reduce the distinct of space. Besides, we can make a face-to-face communication by internet just like having a private teacher.

    I support this new way to study. How comfortable it is to learn what I need in anytime I want and browse numbers of useful information without leaving home for a step! I hold the point that, there

    must will be broad future for online education to grow. And it will do many people a help to get further development.







    This winter holiday, I want to go to Beijing. Because it is very beautiful city with a long history. And I really want to visit the Great Wall, it’s so famous.

    I plan to travel four days. The first day, I will go to Beijing by plane. I will arrive there in the afternoon. In the evening, I plan to go shopping in the Wangfujing Street to buy some present for my friend. In second day, I will go to the Summer Palace. The next day, I’m going to the Great Wall. At last, I will come back by plane, too.

    Written and edited by Li Ning


    My English Teacher

    Miss Tang is my English teacher. She’s very pretty. She is tall and thin. She has two big eyes and a small mouth. Her hair is long. She likes cats very much. And she likes singing and dancing, too. Her English is very good. We often play games in English classes. She is very kind to us. We all love her.




    My Favourite Food Do you know what this is Guess! Its colour is yellow. It’s long and thin. It looks like a small boat and crescent. Oh, it is a banana. Do you know what that isGuess again! Its colour is orange. It’s round. It looks like a small ball and a small lantern. Oh, it is an orange. I like then a lot. I like ice-creams. I like to chew gum. Chocolates and candies are yummy. I like them very much.

    How about youWhat’s your favourite food


    My Favourite Food 是一篇很成功的文章,小作者并不是简单地列举出自己最喜欢的每一种食物,而是有详有略地进行介绍。整篇文章用词准确、语言流畅、没有语法错误。另外,文章中出现了一些生词,可见小作者是用心查字典了。

    I can help do housework I am a girl. My name is Li Ling. I’m in Class Three, Grade Five. I’mhelpful at home. I can water the flowers, empty the trash and sweep the floor. After meals, I can help my mother do the dishes. On Sunday, I can wash the clothes. What about youAre you helpful, too




    In The Kitchen This is the kitchen of my family. It’s big and nice. Look! My mother is cooking in it. This is a microwave and that is a stove. There is a big table here. There are many things on it. What are theseThey look yummy! Oh, they’re strawberries. And what are thoseThey are grapes.




    My village is very beautiful. There are many houses in the village. Near the village, there is a forest. A small river is in front of the village. The water in it is very clean. We can see some fish in the river. Near the river, you can see a mountain. Some flowers and grass are on the mountain. I like my village. Welcome to my village!



    My Seasons

    We have four seasons in a year. I can do many interesting things in each season. In spring, the weather is cool and wind, I can fly kites when it’s wind. And I can go hiking with my family when it’s sunny and cool. I like hiking. Summer is hot in the north of China, but it’s not long time. I often go swimming. It can make me healthy and strong. I can also wear my beautiful dresses. Fall is a season with harvest. And I can eat delicious fruits in this season. I can watch the leaves fall. Winter comes, it’s often snowy in winter in my hometown. When it snows, everything is white. We can play with snow and make a snowman, skate and ski. And winter is my favourite season, because of the Spring Festival. I love seasons. I love the nature.





    My Birthday Party

    Every year, when it’s birthday, my parents hold a party for me. They invite my friend to come to my house to celebrate my birthday. I can get many beautiful gifts every year. In my party, we can do many things:

    1. Light the candles.

    2. Sing a “Happy Birthday” song.

    3. Make a wish.

    4. Blow out the candles.

    5. Cut off the cake.

    6. Eat the cake.

    7. Open the presents.

    8. Sing and dance.

    9. Watch videos or play other games.

    10. Say goodbye with each other.

    That’s my birthday party, is it interesting






    句型:invite sb. to do sth. 邀请某人做某事


    eg.“吹蜡烛”要写成“blow out the candles”而不能写成“blow candles”。

    My family

    There are five people in my family. They are my grandma, grandpa, dad, mom and I. Look! Grandma is watching TV. Grandpa is reading a book. Dad is writing an e-mail. Mom is cooking dinner. I am doing my homework. I love my family!


    写法:这篇习作介绍了自己家的家庭成员,以及此刻他们正在干什么,表达了自己对家人的感情。 时态:由于本单元主要讲的是现在进行时态,所以建议采用现在进行时态。



    In the park

    It is sunny today .My mother, my father and I are going to the park. We like the park very much. It is very big and beautiful .There are many trees and flowers in it. Many people like to go there. Look! An old man is sitting on the chair. He is reading a book carefully. Two boys are jumping on the ground. Their mothers are talking with each other. Two birds are flying in the sky. The ducks are swimming in the river. They are very happy. What is the cat doingOh, it is running after a mouse. It’s a poor mouse.





    现在进行时:(1)What +be (am,is ,are)+主语+v.-ing+其他

    (2)主语+be(am,is ,are)+ v.-ing+其他。

    Li Ying ’S Hobby

    Li Ying likes English very much. She works hard at it. She reads English every morning. She likes speaking English. She often listens to the radio. She watches TV only on Saturday evening.

    Does she like dancingNo, she doesn’t. But she likes drawing and singing. Her parents love her. And all the teachers and her friends like her, too. She says her hobbies make her happy.


    小朋友们写这种“叙事写人”作文时,可以从两个角度下手:一是具体地描绘;二是和上面小朋友一样,粗线条地勾画,二者各有所长,另处在行文中使用一些问句,使用一些转述的话,可以使作文更有灵气,避免了平铺直叙的缺点。比如上文的“Does she like dancingNo, she doesn’t.”和“she says her hobbies make her happy.”就是十分不错的句子,使读者眼前为之一亮。

    Don’t be against the traffic rules

    I go to school from Monday to Friday .I go to school by bike at 7:30 in the morning .I must cross two busy roads .If the traffic light is red or yellow,I know I can’t cross the road ,so I wait.

    If the light turns green, I know it means “Go”, and then I walk across the road .I always ride on the right side of the road .I am never against the traffic rules.




    I Love My Family

    Here is a photo lf my family. These are four people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my brother and I.

    My father is a doctor. He works in a hospital far away. He goes to work by subway. My mother is a teacher. She works in a school near my home. She goes to work by bike. After work, they like reading books. Who is the tall boyHe is my brother. He is five years older than me. He is a singer. He’s now in Beijing. He goes there by plane.

    I love my family.




    How to get to the science museum

    We are going to the science museum tomorrow. There is an old thing show in the Museum. Do you know how we can get to the science museum

    The science museum is next to the People’s Park. It’s isn’t far from our school. So we can go there on foot .Walk straight to the west from our school, next turn left at the post office and walk for about 5 minutes, then turn right at traffic lights. You can find the People’s Park on the right . Walk straight, and you’ll see the science museum.




    Planting Trees

    It’s spring. It’s time to plant trees.

    I want to plant a tree in our garden. Dad and Mum are very happy. They like green. Dad helps me plant the tree. First, we dig the soil. Then I put a little tree into the soil. Next I water it. I am so excited and I wait for the tree to grow. Two weeks later, my tree has some little leaves. I water it every day. Now it has lots of leaves. It grows fast.

    We should plant more trees. They make our world beautiful.


    小作者写了一次植树的经历,但他并没有单纯拘泥于植树的过程。既有过程,也有感觉,能使文章打动读者,给人以启发。作文的最后一段就非常好,两句话胜似千言万语。我们可以学习一下这种写法。 既描述过程,又适时提自己的看法或想法的写法,在作文中叫做“夹叙夹议”,描述过程为了提出一种思想服务,提出看法或想法使原本平实的描述有了意义。我们在以后的写作中也可以试一试。

    Let’s have a nice day It’s Sunday tomorrow .I’m going to the bookstore with my friends tomorrow morning .We are going to look for some good books .We all like reading books .We are going to eat our lunch at the restaurant. I like chicken, beef and vegetables .After lunch, we are going to the Summer Palace by bus. We are going to play near the Kunming Lake. Maybe we are going to row a boat on the lake .Wow, that will be relaxing. We are coming back at 5pm.



    小朋友们在写这种叙事的文章时,要尽量给读者交代好时间、地点、人物和活动等,使文章有血有肉。要看好是写过去发生的事情,还是现在正在做的事情,或计划、打算要做的事情,以选择适当的句型。如果是写将来的事情,那么就要注意在表述时多用“be going to+动词原形”这种句型。还有一点也很重要,那就是故事的线索要交代好,让读者在阅读时对整个过程一目了然。

    My friend and I’ve got a lovely friend at school. His name is Jack. Jack is 12 years old now. I’m 11. He’s older than me. He’s 150 cm tall. I’m 148 cm. He’s taller and stronger. He’s 43 kg and I’m 41 kg. He’s heavier. We’ve got round faces and short hair. But my eyes are bigger and my legs are longer. Our favourite colours are white and blue. We like summer best. We both like sports, too. On Saturdays, we play table tennis. On Sundays, we play basketball. He’s good at basketball. But I do better at table tennis. We laugh and play together. How happy we are!

    the 关于风的作文

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